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  • Barbara

What Does Your DNA Reveal (and why would you want to know?)

DNA testing. Does it sound like fun, or does it scare you a little? 

It shouldn't, because the testing I'm talking about is ethnicity testing, not the kind they do for health considerations. I don't need to know that I'm genetically predisposed to Mauve Eye or lung anemones or anything. I've got enough stuff to worry about, thank you. 

There are companies that do one or the other, or both of kinds. But we're going to talk just about the use of ethnicity testing in genealogy and ancestry. 

And before you go thinking that just because you're Greek (or any nationality, really), that your ancestry is known, full-blown and set in stone...yeah, you may want to read the article.

Some people just want to know their ancestry, and are either looking for validation of what their family has always said, or they're looking for any interesting surprises that may turn up. And for many folks, that's where it stops. 

But for anyone interested in genealogy, DNA testing can be a fascinating and incredibly helpful path towards building your family tree or knocking down genealogy brick walls, especially if they help you connect with "DNA cousins".

And we'll have a whole future post about that, so stay tuned!

For now, please enjoy the new article, and if you've had any interesting experiences with DNA testing yourself, please let us know on the Comments section! 





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