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Song Crushes - July 2019

Summer Songs

Summer really does have it's own soundtrack, doesn't it?


We're at that pivot-point of the summer now. We always like to pretend it's the endless summer of our gauzy childhood memories, but in the back of our minds, we get that unpleasant tickle in our brains that we've begun the fast slide into fall. 


Soon, back-to-school clothes will be showing up in stores, if they haven't already. 


Lemonade will give way to pumpkin spice lattes. 


And heaven help us, Halloween stuff is soon going to be showing up, despite it being 85 degrees and still light out until 8 p.m. (WHY, commerce? Why do you do this to us months before every holiday???)


There's a competition between the side of us that wants to slowly enjoy these sweet, languid days and the side that's slightly frantic to make sure summer fun gets had at all costs before September becauseholycowit'sjustaroundthecorner!


So let's have a soundtrack for all that!


This first one is always going to be a little nostalgic for me. It was playing frequently the summer of 2016, when I visited Greece for the first time as an adult. Such a great, happy-making song!


1. To Kalokairi Mou - Michalis Hatzigiannis


Number 2, by the band Melisses, is a fairly recent discovery for me personally. It's a good driving-on-a-sunny-weekend-with-the-windows-down tune by, don't you think?


2. Ola Moiazoun Kalokairi - Melisses

And a beautiful song about a beautiful day! Here's a live version that feels very summery to me. 

3. Omorfi Mera - Michalis Hatzigiannis


And hey, cats and kittens, dig this crazy Beach Blanket party from the 80s done with a 50s vibe!


4. Kalokerines Diakopes Gia Panta - Nikos Karvelas


What are your favorite Greek songs of summertime? I'd love to hear them! Let me know in the Comments section below!




Potami Beach, Samos. Yes, it's really that color.

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