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Naxos Gallery and Video

If you read my article  "Why Naxos Should Be Your First Greek Island", you already know I'm a big fan of this utterly charming Cycladic island. It strikes a perfect balance between plenty to do and plenty of time to relax, and is blessed with stunning sandy beaches, lovely traditional villages and proximity to other nearby islands for day trips. You can find some nightlife and fabulous little shops in the Old Town of Chora, as well as antiquities such as the Temple of Demeter and of course, Naxos' famous Portara, the massive, spectacular doorway to a temple that was never completed. 


You can get to Naxos by hopping a half-hour flight from Athens, or taking ferries from Piraeus or Rafina, which can take 4-6 hours, depending on the route. Once on Naxos, you can take a day trip to it's sister-island of Paros, as well as Santorini, Amorgos and Koufonisia. 


Naxos gives you most of the "pros" of the more famous Cycladic islands like Mykonos and Santorini (beautiful white-cube architecture, a real "Greek island feel") without the "cons" that go with them (party crowds, crazy prices). 


Here's a gallery and video for your daydreaming (and maybe trip planning?) pleasure. Click on each photo to bring it up, and click the arrow on the right to advance the gallery. Video is below.



All photos by me or Barry Sweet. Music by Bensound.

Naxos Video

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