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Summer Songs - July 2022

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Kalamos Beach, on the Aegean side of the island of Evia

It's been a while since we did some Song Crushes, so let's get on that! It's right in time for summer listening.


But, man - it is getting nearly impossible to find free sample clips on the internet anymore! Everyone wants to sign you up for a paid service! Ugh. Time was, back in the dim, cobwebby past of 2019, you could simply go to Amazon and play a clip to get a quick taste. Then you could buy it if you wanted to. Or not. And everyone was cool with that.


No more. You have to pay for Amazon Unlimited. Because...someone needs another rocket, apparently? I just don't know. (Amazon still offers some stuff as free clips, and luckily I found a few of those in the samples below.)


So for this edition of Song Crushes, I've had to cobble together bits and bobs from all over the interwebs. Listen to 'em while you can, because they become unavailable at any time. 


Why don't I just link to YouTube, you ask? There are blogging rules. Apparently you can't do that willy-nilly, because reasons. 


Of course, you're all clever folks - you could certainly do that yourselves by searching YouTube for the tunes below. That's perfectly legal and proper.


This is a mixed bag of goodies - just stuff that I like that puts me right in a summertime mood. I hope you like it, too. (And if you listen to them in the dead of winter because you just can't anymore with the dark and the snow and the whatnot, I won't judge you one bit.)


Throw together a refreshing bowl of watermelon with feta and mint, put on your sunglasses, and take a listen!

Porto Rafti umbrellas.JPEG

Beach umbrellas at Porto Rafti, Attica

1.  Paralia  - Manos 

This is just a happy, poppy song all about Greek beaches, and it's hard to get much more "summer" than that. 

2. Ikariotiko - Yiannis Parios 

Not strictly a summer song, but this classic tune from the island of Ikaria by the prolific Yiannis Parios somehow hits the spot anyway. 

3. Krasi, Thalassa Kai T Agori Mou - Marinella

A little wine, a little sea, AND my boy? Yes, thank you! This cheery retro song is just the ticket for driving along the Greek Riviera, windows down and frappé in hand, to a sunny beach somewhere south of Athens. 

4. Mes Stou Aigaiou Ta Nisia (Live) - Glykeria 

A lovely, lilting song about the Greek islands by the incomparable Glykeria. You can almost see the shades of Aegean blue when you listen to it. 

5. Giala - Vangelis Konitopoulos

This charming mid-tempo nisiotiko will have you jumping up to do a syrto around your living room. Vaggelis Konitopoulos in general has lots of wonderful summery-sounding songs - check him out if you don't know his music.

6. T'Asteri Mou - Despina Vandi

I heard this on Skiathos and immediately fell in love with it. Not specifically summery as far as the lyrics go, but the vibe is just right - at least for me.

7. Thalassa - Michalis Hatzigiannis


Taking it down a notch here with a beautiful song for a warm, starry summer night overlooking the sea.




Video of an astonishing sunset during the ferry crossing from Oropos, Attica to Eretria, Evia.

What are some of your favorite Greek summer songs? Tell us in the Comments section below!


Happy listening!

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