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Mediterranean Power Bowls

Power bowls, Buddha bowls, grain bowls - all different names for essentially the same thing; a bowl full of healthy, tasty, colorful goodness!


In the spirit of "quick and easy" that we try to maintain around here, here is a great lunch or dinner option in keeping with our Mediterranean Diet month. It's loaded with plant proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. And it's totally customizable! 


The basic bowl I made here includes:


brown rice

chick peas

grape tomatoes

kalamata olives




pine nuts


tiny bit of salt and pepper for the avocado

You can make it any way you like, though. What do you love? Throw it in there! Here are some other options:


white beans

black eyed peas



red onion


peppers - red, yellow or green

black beans

fried zucchini

sun-dried tomatoes

black olives


sliced beets

sautéed cauliflower 

chopped kale

baby spinach

artichoke hearts

chopped asparagus 

diced, fried potatoes

crumbled or sliced hard-boiled egg


grilled chicken

mini keftethes (Greek meatballs)

steak bites

canned tuna


However you make it, be sure to add plenty of different colors. This is a great way to "eat the rainbow", as nutritionists frequently recommend. 

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