About The Greekish Life

Hi, I'm Barbara. I'm a 2nd generation Greek-American traveler, olive oil hoarder and dusty-old-photos enthusiast. 

Growing up with two sets of Greek immigrant grandparents started my life off steeped in the music, history, food and stories of the homeland they loved so much. I grew to love Greece through them at first, and then through my own travels.


I wanted to create the kind of place that I wanted to see out there in the digital world, but couldn't quite find - a beautiful little spot to go for a bit of history and culture, a touch of genealogy, a few recipes, some music and photography, and and maybe a few laughs - all through a Greek lens.

And if I wanted a place like that, maybe other people would, too!

Consider us your digital taverna when you want a bit of mental stimulation, and your relaxing kafenio when you want to browse around at your leisure. You don't need to be Greek - just Greekish.

Πάμε? Shall we go? 

All current-day photography, unless otherwise credited, is by me or my husband, Barry Sweet. 

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