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Greens and Eggs

Χόρτα με αυγά - A Healthy Mediterranean Diet-Based Breakfast


Greens and eggs are a great way to start your day with a healthy, hearty and tasty breakfast. If you're not used to having greens in the morning, please don't run away! They're actually really good, I promise! (And it's a clever way to sneak an extra couple of servings of vegetables into your day.)


This is something I have some variation of this for breakfast probably twice a week. I can't get enough of it. Sometimes it's with whole eggs, as in the recipe here, or sometimes with egg whites. I might add a cut-up turkey sausage link or two to the mix, or some shredded pasturma, lightly cooked so it's crispy like bacon. I almost always use kale as my greens, since it's always on hand and I like the "beefiness" of it. If you're using a delicate green like baby spinach, you'll need a lot more and you'll need to cook it a shorter time, as it will wilt really fast. Just keep an eye on it. 


I've seen a variation of this made like shakshuka, with the eggs nesting in the hollows of the greens instead of in a bed of chopped tomatotes. You can certainly try it that way, if you prefer a more soft-cooked egg.


The dish is very customizable. You can add or subtract as you like. This is the version I usually make. 


Greens & Eggs

(makes 1 serving)


2 eggs

1-2 cups of kale, spinach, or the greens of your choice

2-3 mushrooms

1 medium tomato

feta cheese, about 2-3 small chunks, crumbled

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil for the pan, and another teaspoon for finishing

half-teaspoon dried basil

salt and pepper to taste

1. Start by slicing the mushrooms, dicing the tomato, and giving a rough chop to the greens. Set aside.


2. Warm some olive oil in a medium-large frying pan over medium heat.


3. Add the mushrooms to the pan and season with a small amount of pepper and basil. Let cook for about a minute, then flip them over.


4. Add the greens and season with a tiny bit of salt. You'll be adding feta later, which is already salty, so don't overo this part. 


5. When the greens are starting to soften, add the tomato. Stir everything together and let cook another couple of minutes. You still want a little snap to the kale, so don't overcook. 

6. Push everything to one side with a spatula and add a dash more olive oil to the pan. Raise the heat to high for a moment. Once the oil heats, crack the eggs over the olive oil. Cook them however you like your fried eggs. I like them over-easy. 


7. While the eggs are cooking, crumble the feta. 


8. In a bowl, serve the greens and veggies. Add the eggs and crumled feta on top of them. I like to break the yolk so it combines with the greens. 


Enjoy with some crusty bread or toast. 

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