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A Mediterranean Charcuterie Board


With the holidays here, it's a good idea to have some easy food options on hand for all the festivities! One of my favorite things to put together is a charcuterie board. Cheese! Meat! Fruit! Dips! Bread! Add a glass of wine (or two) and you're set for the night!


And it's such an easy and flexible way to impress your guests. I've made a fairly basic one here, but you can use it as a springboard for your own ideas. You want to mix smooth and crunchy, mild and spicy, light and intense for a nice variety.


Note that it's more Mediterranean than strictly just Greek, but I think the addition of yummy things like salami and prosciutto is not a bad thing. 


Many of the ingredients you can just keep on hand in the fridge for "emergency" entertaining!


Some other things to consider adding to your board;


assorted nuts

crusty baguette slices

blood oranges

dried apricots



feta-stuffed green olives

Greek fava 


keftethes (Greek meatballs)

dried salami, pepperoni or other cured meats of your choice

thin bread sticks

pita chips

pomegranate seeds

black olives

tirokafteri (spicy whipped feta dip)

mini mozzeralla balls 

fresh basil leaves

assorted flavors of hummus

pantzarosalata (Greek beet dip; gives a gorgeous deep pink color to your board)

olive tapenade

Greek cheeses such as manouri, vlachotiri or an assortment of feta

small jar of Greek honey and a honey dripper (for bread)

fresh rosemary, mint or basil for garnish


These are just a few ideas to get you started. Take them and run with them!


Before you actually start building your board, take a moment to plan how everything will be placed, so your presentation is as tempting as your food! If I was going to re-make this board, for example, I wouldn't have placed three reddish items all together (the tomatoes, prosciutto and figs). Live and learn!

If you like this idea, check out our Greekish Christmas Dessert Board!


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