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Interview with Gregory Kontos of Greek Ancestry

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Gregory Kontos is a genealogist, researcher and historian from Patras, Greece. He is the also founder of, a fantastic collection of digitized Greek ancestry documents and articles, and an absolute treasure trove for anyone looking into Greek family research. It has become a primary hub of Greek ancestry on the internet. Before the founding of the site, access to these records was either extremely limited or non-existent. And luckily for those of us in the Anglophone diaspora, it's in English! 


Greg speaks six languages, including Ancient Greek, and has worked on projects for MyHeritage, and more. He's done research for the American television program "Finding Your Roots" on PBS, on their episode featuring well-known Greeks like actress Tina Fey, author David Sedaris and journalist George Stephanopoulos. 


He has been passionate about genealogy since the tender age of 15, and his enthusiasm shows no signs of slowing down. He and his team have been plowing through massive digitization projects in all corners of Greece, persuading reluctant officials and talking with village priests about getting access to the moldering and forgotten - but absolutely precious - documents lying in dusty basements and store rooms. 

Gregory and his team are providing an absolutely vital service. That can't be overstated. 


So many important documents have been lost to war, earthquakes, and fire. Many others are lost daily due to age and fragility. And once they're gone, they're gone forever. The Greek Ancestry team is providing us and future generations a tangible link to our Hellenic past. 


Meet Gregory and learn a bit more about the fascinating topic of family history.


Watch the short clip below, and then go to our YouTube channel HERE for the full interview.

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