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10 MORE Gift Ideas for the Greece Lover


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Welcome to the second installment of Gifts for the Greece Lover! This is a follow-up to the article from a couple of years ago (which, by the way, still has great gift ideas that are still available, so check it out if you haven't already).


Christmas will be here before you know it. Are you starting to get a little panicky about what to get your theia or your Greek BFF? 


Relax, φιλοι! The Greekish Life is here to help. Take a look at our new favorite finds, including a few from smaller Greek-owned companies!


While all of the items are available in the USA, if you're elsewhere in the diaspora, check online to see if you can get them locally. 

Astarte evoo.jpg

Greeks have known about olive oil's health benefits for millennia. But what exactly makes it so healthy? Polyphenols! They're a bioactive compound with all kinds of health benefits, thanks to their antioxidant and other properties. Most store-bought olive oils  have a polyphenol count of as low as 50mg, but anything over 250mg is considered 'high phenolic' and the higher the phenolic content, the better. Astarte has a whopping 358! And it's made in Crete!

Taste and Art Greece logo 2.jpg

I've ordered from this wonderful small New England-based company for a couple of years, but it wasn't until this past summer that I got to meet the lovely owner at a local Greek church festival. They have all kinds of great Greek imports, from housewares to clothing to the most gorgeous jewelry. Check out the stunning handbags by Iosifina - you'll want one in every color!

shot glasses greek key.jpg

What are they drinking their tsipouro in? Are the glasses as fancy as these? Maybe it's time for an upgrade?

greece license plate.jpg

While the company makes sure to tell you this is not embossed like a real license plate would be, it's still pretty fun. You can personalize it to whatever fits (within reason, of course). Put on your ancestral horio name, your island, the date of your Greek honeymoon - whatever is meaningful to you!

evil eye candle mata xios.webp

How great is this candle? If you know someone who takes their mati protection very seriously, you can't go wrong with this one from Mata Xios Boutique. This hand-poured natural soy candle has lapis and onyx stones in it, and smells like cinnamon and vanilla!


These are SO elegant! The Ergani nesting bowls from the small, woman-owned So Blue Greek Ceramics are a refined and stylish set for any kitchen. They come in two colors and are made in Chania, Crete. When they're not in use, they nest and are so beautiful they almost look like an art piece!

Ancient Greek remedy set.jpg

If you read my article 6 Amazing Greek Beauty Products I Can't Be Without, you already know about all-natural Ancient Greek Remedy. Here is a whole set of their products, from soap to foot balm to their almost-magic oil and more. They're a clean beauty brand, too, so that's something to feel good about. 


Kalliston has a whole range of delicious and effective body care products, from soaps to hair oils to body creams. Rich and cruelty-free, these wonderfully-scented creams are a treat. Don't love the scent of pomegranate? They have several others to choose from, including argan oil, aloe and mastiha!

America Beyond evil eye clutch.webp

As of this date, I have no fewer than three bags from America and Beyond. Any more and I may have to enter a program of some sort. But THIS BAG! Oh, my. What Greek female is not gonna love this? They have other Evil Eye options, too, so poke around their site and see what might best please the handbag diva in your life. 

etsy evil eye scarf.jpg

Not for the shy! This fabulous scarf, available in blue or red, is going to get them noticed for sure. It's as much jewelery as scarf!

Always check the delivery estimates on each product to make sure you can get it in time for Christmas. Happy shopping!

Want even more gift ideas? Take a look at our Musings section for more ideas in cooking, beauty and geekdom!

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