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6 Amazing Greek Beauty Products I Can't Be Without


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Skin Care Love Affair

I am an unapologetic beauty junkie. I have been since my cousin and I clandestinely bought our first tubes of cream eye shadow in a corner store on Cape Cod one summer...*cough* many years ago. 


We weren't really supposed to be wearing makeup at our ages, so the whole thing went down like the world's clumsiest drug deal, and I guess we just supposed that our folks would somehow just not notice the sky blue and lilac smears on our eyelids, because Old People Don't See Stuff Too Good, right?




I still love makeup and skin care. Every cabinet and surface in my bathroom is stocked with oils, elixirs and unguents. Some mornings it's like a game of Jenga getting an item down from the shelf. My husband has gotten used to the thuds and bangs - followed a quick burst of unladylike language - that have become part of my morning ritual. 


But I just love all that stuff. 


Going to Greece a few years ago introduced me to a whole array of wonderful new products, most using natural local ingredients. I brought back fabulous finds from pharmacies and shops of all kinds. 


What a great new treasure trove! And with their fragrant and luxurious ingredients like honey, wine, herbs and olive oil, they are such a sensual pleasure to use. 


So I thought I'd share some of my favorite beauty products from Greece that you can actually get in the States, should you, like me, be someone who's always on the lookout for great new products. 


As ever, your experience may be different from mine, so read the ingredients and reviews on the various web pages and see what you think. 



1. Ancient Greek Remedy 100% Pure Nature's Moisturizer for Face, Skin, Hair and Nails. This scented oil is pretty much the perfect one-stop product. Do you have dry hands? Split ends? Rough elbows? This handles is it all. It initially smells strongly but pleasantly of lavender, but the scent doesn't linger for too long, so it shouldn't interfere with any other fragrance you may be wearing. The BEST thing I've found for rough elbows, and generally just a beautiful oil for the body. It sinks into the skin without leaving a slick. A great unisex oil that leaves you with a smooth, healthy radiance.

2. Apivita Wine Elixir Face Oil - Oh yeah -  they had me at "wine elixir". I was all theirs.  (Really, just "wine", if I'm honest.) How gorgeous! It sounds like something concocted by laughing and slightly tipsy nymphs at the foot of Mt. Olympus. 


This silky serum is loaded with great ingredients like olive oil, grape seed oil, propolis, mastic, and more. A great moisturizer that smells wonderful, too!. They have a lovely day cream, too, if you prefer creams to serums (To no one's surprise, I have both.)


3. Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser - Korres was born out of the oldest homeopathic apothecary in Greece. I use this cleanser almost daily. It's gentle and luxurious, and packed with milk proteins, amaranth seed and honeysuckle. It leaves my skin clean but not tight, and helps reduce irritation and redness. You don't need to use much at all, either, so it's a very good value and lasts longer than you think it will. 


4. Apivita lip care with Pomegranate. This better-than-basic lip balm leaves your lips silky and moisturized with pomegranate oil and with the slightest of reddish tints. They also have other varieties, including a deeper reddish Black Current


5. Venus Secrets Olive and Aloe shampoo with Mastic and Herbs - I first found this in a shop in Monastiraki, when I was going through a slightly manic "buy anything made with mastic" phase (which frankly, I'm still kind of in). This is a silky shampoo that is a sweet-smelling joy to use. I normally clean my hair with a cleansing conditioner, but with this I don't even really need a conditioner afterwards. 


6. Korres Golden Krocus Elixir - This is made with saffron extract from delicate crocus flowers. These bloom only once a year in the town of Kozani, and these 70,000 flowers produce just one pound of saffron. Something so delicate and labor-intensive does not come cheap, my friends, although if you poke around the internet, you may be able to find it cheaper than the regular list price of $98.


It was practically magic for me (your experience may vary, but it does seem to get consistently good reviews online). It calms my sensitive skin down and just generally gives me a great glow. I personally feel that it made a difference for me as far as the appearance of smoother skin and a more even skin tone, and my skin even feels a little firmer when I use it. It also smells like heaven. It's a cult favorite for Korres for a reason.


Have you used any of these products? Do you have any Greek beauty products that are mainstays for you? I'm always on the lookout for more stuff to cram into my cabinets! Leave a comment below and let me know what you love!

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