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Song Crushes - October 2019

Daemonia Nymphe

Gimme That (REAL) Old Time Religion


Daemonia Nymphe's wild and weird music takes you back to the shadowy groves and torch-lit temples of ancient Greece. 


Formed in 1994 by Spyros Giasafakis and Evi Stergiou, the band plays a mix of authentic ancient-styled instruments like the lyre and double flute, as well as electric guitar and other modern instruments. They perform their shows in masks and ancient-style dresses, playing up the mysterious, theatrical vibe. 


Their style is sometimes called "neofolk" or "neoclassical". If there was such a thing as an ancient Greek equivalent of a Renaissance Faire, these guys would be headlining.


(Some of you just read that and leaned in closer, while others are lunging for their mouse so they can click right out. Please don't! )


Their music is haunting and wild, with chants to Pan and hymns to Gaia. This isn't light listening, but rather a peek into their vision of what ceremonies and bacchanalia might have sounded like over 2000 years ago.


It's odd, beautiful, creepy, rockin' and "out there" by turns. While definitely not for everybody, this is also Greek music. 



Lest anyone see this name and think "daemon" = "demon"...Nope!. Not the same thing at all, so please don't hurt yourself running to fetch an exorcist.

In ancient Greece daemons (also spelled "daimons") were benign spiritual helpers or a protective angelic "higher self". They were sometimes called "agathodaemon" or "noble spirit", particularly when they protected the ancient fields and vineyards. They were personal companion spirits who ensured health and luck. 

So, no need to fling holy water at your monitor. 

Given this Halloween time of the year, Daemonia Nymphe fits the bill for meshing ancient Greek music with a slightly spooky undercurrent. Pour a cup of ceremonial wine, light a candle and let Daemonia Nymphe take you to some real old time music. 

Here's a sampling...

(As ever, if the player doesn't come up right away, simply refresh the page.)


1. Thracian Gaia 


2. Selene's Awakening Horos


3. Invoking Pan


4. Nymphs of the Seagod Nereus


5. Calling the Twelve Gods

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