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Greekish Christmas Dessert Board


Continuing with the hosting theme from last week's Mediterranean Charcuterie Board, we're adding a little something for dessert in the same spirit - a dessert board loaded with delicious Greek and Greekish treats!

As with last week's, I've kept this board (or plate, to be accurate) on the smaller side, as I'm not actually hosting a ton of people. But you can expand it and add to it as you see fit, according to your needs. You're the boss of you; do what works best for your situation. Feel free to add other things that aren't necessarily Greek to it to round it out if you like. 


Some other items you might want to add to your board are:


glazed nuts



clementine or tangerine segments

chocolate-dipped apple slices

chocolate or white chocolate-covered pretzels

mini marshmallows

mini candy canes

chocolate-dipped strawberries

small fancy pastries

petites fours

What are your go-to holiday desserts? Let us know below in the Comments!

And if you like this idea, check out our Mediterannean Charcuterie Board!

dessert 7.jpg

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