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Santorini Gallery and Video

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Is there a more desirable Greek island destination than Santorini? It is a the quintessential dream island; a crescent of volcanic rock rimmed with glimmering white cube houses offering views over the glistening Aegean that fills the island's caldera. 


The island is what's left from a catastrophic eruption that happened 3,600 years ago, devastating the brilliant and highly advanced Minoan culture that lived on the island, the remains of which can be found at the stunning archaeological site of Akrotiri

Today the gorgeous, sun-washed Cylcadic island is more known for it's astonishing sunsets and boutique hotels with views of the caldera. A favorite spot for honeymooners, it is becoming a victim of it's own beauty, with hordes of tourists spilling off of planes and cruise ships daily in the summer months and flowing in great, selfie-stick-brandishing streams to and from Oia for the famous sunset.


I've been in May and in July, and the difference was astonishing. May certainly still had plenty of people around, but July was cramped and unpleasant. Your mileage may vary. However, don't let that dissuade you from going - just pick a time outside of July and August if you can, and you will likely be fine.


Santorini has some notable local produce you should try - the small but explosively flavorful tomatoes, a type of spread called fava made with local split peas, and of course, an array of fine wines, including the heavenly Vin Santo dessert wine. The vines are grown low down on the soil and coiled into basket shapes, as the wind is too much for the traditional upright vines. The rich volcanic soil offers a unique terroir, and sampling the local vintages should be part of your trip. 

Please enjoy this gallery and video of Santorini. All photography by me or Barry Sweet. Music by Bensound.

Santorini video

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