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Song Crushes

June 2019


Music is my drug of choice. 


My iPod speaker goes on as soon as I get out of bed and plays while I get ready for work. It's on again in the car for the morning and evening commute. I Shazam tunes from car commercials, the local Greek program on AM radio and find random new music on the sidebar on YouTube. Whatever and wherever.

So naturally I stumble across new music occasionally, and sometimes that music becomes a full-on song crush. You know that song you have to put on endless repeat because you love it so much? The one you're hoping is playing softly enough that anyone you share your space with isn't glaring at you with murder in their eye because for the love of God that is like the twenty-seventh time in a row! Why can't you be a normal person???


It probably comes as no surprise, if you've found your way here, that a quite ridiculous amount of my music is Greek. It spans everything from Byzantine chants through scratchy, old-timey village music recorded through what sounds like Coke bottles and goat skins, to hits of the 60s and 70s, to contemporary pop. Rebetika, Mikrasiatika/Smyrnaika, Nisiotika and so many other styles - I love all of them. I also have a soft spot for the completely oddball and unexpected ones, like #3 below. 

Look them up on YouTube to hear the full song or click on the song titles to hear a snippet on Amazon. 



So what am I loving right now? 

1. Den Paei AlloVaggelis Konitopoulos with the Droulias Brothers




2. Stou Paradeisou Tin Porta - Giorgos Margaritis   

3. Eisai Paidi Mou Peirasmos - Adelfi Katsamba

What are you listening to now? Let me know in the Comments section below!

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