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10 Gift Ideas for the Greece Lover


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You love Greece, I'm guessing, or you probably wouldn't be here.

There are probably people in your life who also love Greece, right?

And with Christmas coming, maybe you're looking for some unique gifts for them?

Boom! I'm here to help!

Here is a list of some gift ideas that will tick all sorts of boxes, from the practical to the cool to the fun, and all with an eye to  the Greece lover.

Subtle Greek key pattern and a hidden pocket. Great for travel or everyday. 

2. Greek colors tie 

First you think it's just a bold striped tie, then you see the subtle flag at the bottom. Let him show his Greek pride with this 100% silk tie. 

Can you ever have too much mati stuff? Here's a way to decorate you dining table with a bold, graphic evil eye design. I have something very similar in my mid-century modern dining room and it works beautifully with the decor. Playful, unique and elegant, this is an easy way to infuse some Greek design into your home.

greek american tee.jpg

Proud American and Proud Greek! Everyone needs another tee shirt, no matter how many they already have, right?

The ultimate practical gift for anyone who travels to Greece. This genius little adapter covers not just Greece, but the US/EU/AU/UK and covers over 160 countries! With all the technology we travel with now, a couple of these (at least) when traveling are a must.

A sweet little mati necklace that's inexpensive and perfect for a stocking stuffer. 14K gold plated with an adjustable length of 16-18 inches. 

7. Evil Eye necklace (bigger gift)

Beautiful, delicate 14K gold necklace on an adjustable 16-18 inch chain. Perfect for layering or wearing on it's own.

plaka sandal.jpg

Get her dreaming about warm weather in December with these highly-rated and cult favorite sandals! They're perfect for travel because they're comfortable, lightweight and flat-packing. I can't wear a totally flat shoe of any kind, so I love that these have a tiny bit of height at the heel. I got a slightly different design, but they come in other fabulous styles and colors.

Greece 2023 cal.jpg

Everyone needs a calendar, right? Why not make it a dreamy one of Greece? Brighten up their kitchen, office or cubicle with this collection of stunning photos. 

Greece puzzle.jpg

It's going to be a long winter. Too cold, too icy and generally too yuck to go out, and most of us staying in the cozy indoors due to quarantine anyway, so why not sit down with a hot mug of something and puzzle that takes your imagination to a warmer place? Take a look at some other image options, too. Check the delivery dates for these to make sure you can get them by Christmas.

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