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Eat and Drink

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Here I'll be offering recipes that are Greek or Mediterranean-inspired; quick, easy but not always necessarily purely authentic. Here's why...


First things first - please understand, I am not a professional chef. I don't own a restaurant nor have I published any cookbooks (my own family Shutterfly one doesn't count).


I am neither a purist nor much of a fundamentalist when it comes to recipes. I am a person who gets home from work and wants to be eating in 30-40 minutes so I don't get cranky.


I am also someone who is fairly lazy, and as a result, I've become quite adept at Iron Chef-ing together bits and pieces from whatever I have around. 


"A can of white beans, six cherry tomatoes, half an onion, some naan and a pork chop. Allez cuisine!"


I tinker. I look for workarounds ("I know the recipe says 50 minutes in the oven, but can I make it work on a stove top in half the time?"). I generally futz around until I find something I like.


Byz fritters sesame (Large).JPEG

Online recipes are my number-one source of inspiration. One of the most-used phrases heard in my kitchen is "I FOUND IT ON PINTEREST! EAT IT!" 

Many of the recipes will be more Greekish than classic, as there are already mountains of wonderful traditional Greek cookbooks out there for folks who want a purely authentic Greek food experience. 

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