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10 Gifts for the Greek Geek



Do you have someone in your life who likes to really immerse themselves in the topics they're interested in? Or someone who always wants to learn new stuff? Are any of those topics Greece-related?


Maybe on the historical or mythogical end of things? 


Or maybe they have a penchant for Greek philosophy?


Maybe they're genealogy geeks and love nothing better than trying to figure out some ancestor's history? 


Or maybe they like the oddly-obscure tongue-in-cheek gift?


Hoo boy, do we have a list for you...

All links are for readers' convenience only. I am currently not an affiliate of nor take reimbursement from any source. 

1. A Gift Subscription to Ancestry or MyHeritage

So if you've spent any time poking around this website you'll see that I'm big into Greek genealogy. If you know someone who doesn't yet have a subscription to a service like these but has shown some interest in doing their family tree, a gift subscription is a great way to go.

2. A DNA kit

Ditto for the folks who haven't had their DNA tested yet. You can get them an Ancestry DNA kit .  Give them a gift like no other!

Because a gorgeous coffee table book is always a the right answer. This one gets extra cred because it's a National Geographic offering, and is full of beautiful photography of the ancient Greek world.

4. 1453:The Holy War for Constantinople  - by Roger Crowley

For the history buff who wants to drill deep down into how the Ottoman Empire managed to get a hold of Greece in the first place. Meticulously researched and incredibly informative. (Did you know the Turks had a "super gun" back in medieval times? I did not.)

I loved this book. It's history, but told with a storyteller's eye. It brings to life the intrigues and achievements of a cast of fascinating characters from an underrepresented and misunderstood empire. This is not dry facts all lined up in a row; it's a lively, witty and thoroughly engaging read.

6. A Cabinet of Greek Curiosities - by J. C. McKeown 

This is one in a series of "Cabinet of Curiosities" books (Roman, Byzantine, etc.). The author acknowledges that it isn't meant as a scholarly work, but rather something to be read in the bathroom. (!) It's a hilarious and bizarre collection of ancient beliefs, practices and customs that can be digested in small, painless bites. A great "geek lite" gift for anyone with even a fleeting interest in ancient Greece. 

7. Mythos - by Stephen Fry

The great Stephen Fry - author, actor, comedian, Philhellene and overall awesome guy - gives his modern and witty take on ancient Greek myths, breathing new life into even the most obscure ones. He's a brilliant storyteller, and his deep love of these stories shines through every page.

This is a good introduction to the Greek philosophers, and the leather binding will make your recipient feel fancy and smart! While not a comprehensive introduction to the subject, it does make for a nice-looking gift.  

What to get the Potterhead who has everything? A version of their favorite book in ancient Greek, of course! Or maybe you know a classics geek who's hard to buy for. Bet they don't have this! Win Christmas with this completely bonkers yet totally scholarly present!

You know them. They're thoughtful, well-educated, have a wry sense of humor, but also like to stay hydrated. Give them a water bottle won't be grabbed by mistake at the gym because it looks like every other one. 

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