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We Have a Winnah!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Image from Pexels

*Boston accent off*

The Greekish Life had our first recipe contest this summer! Take a look at this very Greekish recipe for youvarlakia, or Greek meatballs, here! It looks easy and delicious, which is the kind of thing we like around here. 

Hey, so...chicken arms

When you're in quarantine, you can really dash madly into the labyrinth of the internet, and sometimes...SOMETIMES...if you're very lucky, you find there exists a niche market of plastic doll parts for your livestock. None of those words should even exist naturally in the same sentence, and yet here we are. 

Why are we the dominant species on the planet? THIS. This right here, is why.

Dolphins must be looking at us and cursing their lack of opposable thumbs. 

On the home front, it's been hard to keep my housekeeping level the couple steps up from "You Probably Won't Get Ptomaine"* where it is now to something more in keeping with the amount of free time I have, especially when so many things on today's to-do list get moved to tomorrow's to-do list upon waking. 

Like yesterday, I remembered I have a car. And that it needed to get a new inspection sticker this month. That chore promptly got shunted to today. 

And today I decided tomorrow would be better, for...reasons. I don't know. 

When quarantine started, I thought there might be a silver lining for me. I would use the time to knuckle down and learn to speak Greek better! To do organization projects I'd been putting off! To get back into genealogy! 

Let's all laugh together!

It's like I've never met me.

QUARANTINE, MONTH ONE: I'm going to take this time to relax, get my head together, maybe do some writing.

QUARANTINE, MONTH SIX: Level 342 of Fishdom is not going to beat itself. 


I hope you're all staying safe and healthy, and enjoying the waning days of summer. Thanks to all of you who have joined our Facebook Group, and a special big virtual hug to those of you who have invited friends! We've had a sudden influx of new members the past couple of months, and I appreciate your passing the word on! And enjoy the new recipe!

Be well!



*Hyperbole alert; no need to send the film crew from "Hoarders" to my home. The rooms where the doors aren't tightly closed actually look fine. 

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