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Our First Interview! Diamando Stratakos of GOLIVE Spartan

Imagine a day that starts perhaps with small-group yoga, then transitions into picking olives on a sunny mountainside and making art from found objects discovered while cleaning up an area of great natural beauty. During the day you eat delicious Greek food, some of it made from wild greens you foraged with an herbalist. Maybe one day you pile in with your tiny group and drive around the wild Mani peninsula, taking in the sights. Perhaps you have a massage or Reiki session when you get back. Maybe you just enjoy some tea made with wild herbs growing on the slopes of myth-shrouded Mt. Taygetus.

Imagine that's all happening in the fabled land of Sparta.

Imagine you could be there.

Turns out you can! Meet Diamando Stratakos of GOLIVE Spartan.

In our very first interview here on The Greekish Life, we talk to this creative entrepreneur and retreat leader about her business, her background and her dream goals (we might also have gotten into Greek music, travel and food, because...I was involved. And you know me.)

I'm very excited by this new direction for the website. I already have a wish list of people I'm interested in and want to talk with, so hopefully - if it's well-received enough and those people are willing - we'll see more fascinating Greeks from around the world in upcoming interviews.

Take a look and listen here to find out more about Diamando.

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