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Hello, It's Me

So you may have noticed there haven't been any new posts or articles around here in a while. Without getting too into things, I will say for now that life handed me my own Greek tragedy in January and I'm only now starting to get my head above water again. I will be okay, eventually. But it does mean that any extracurriculars, like this website, have unfortunately had to take a back seat to the Big Stuff going on in my world.

If you follow The Greekish Life group on Facebook, I've been at least trying to post the occasional older article for the new folks in the group, as well as random things of interest. Hopefully that has kept some of you from abandoning interest completely during this downtime.

To those of you who know me in the Real World, thank you so much for your support and love. Your visits, calls and check-in texts have been an invaluable source of comfort.

There's a new quote up in the Culture section from one of my favorite Greek philosophers, Epicurus. Sorry for the slim pickings, but I'm only starting to dip my toes back in the waters of this project, and will likely not be back at full steam for a while. I hope you'll be patient with me.




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