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Comfort, Nostalgia and Avoidance

Not me, but an accurate facsimile.

Hello, beautiful humans! This week we're combining two things that will likely make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, and who doesn't need a little of that in the midst of January?

The first is an easy recipe for our Mediterranean Diet month, and it may just be the Olympian peak of comfort food. 

The other is a trip down Memory Lane for folks who listened to Greek music growing up (and maybe an introduction to younger readers!).

The recipe is for super-easy Greek Chicken with Orzo - a one-pan (really!) dish you can make in about half an hour or so. 

This needs to be in your supper rotation, if it isn't already. Creamy without using cream, topped with crispy chicken and loaded with Greek flavors? Aww yissssss. This will likely become a go-to in your kitchen.

The next article is about the fabulous Trio Bel Canto. If you're Greek and are old enough to remember vinyl records on their first go-around, you likely know this legendary band. Many of us grew up with their music, and I can't hear them played on the local Greek radio program without a quick smile. 

So how are people's New Year's resolutions coming along? We're a week and a half into 2020, so I'll bet you're still full of confidence and vigor and are just taking on the world!


Or if you're anything like I've been in the past - especially if your resolutions are in the realm of fitness - you're cursing your lack of foresight that this whole episode would likely end in tears. 

It's way too easy for me to go from "I will CONQUER today!" to "...but there are Tostitos in the pantry and Schitt's Creek is on..."

My head says "get on that rowing contraption and do twenty minutes" but my heart says "pour a nice glass of jug wine and snuggle under a blanket on the couch".

I don't think I have to tell you which wins. *sips contentedly*

As I mentioned, I'm not doing resolutions this year. After working out, most people are invigorated, feeling powerful and flushed with sex appeal. I, on the other hand, am sweating like livestock, swear-crying in misery and totally convinced I'm going to die from my lungs exploding. 

And that's gonna leave quite a mess for my husband to come home to. 


*takes another sip*

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Thanks as always!

'Til later,




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