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Arcadia Photo Gallery and Video

Arcadia, Greece - A road through the mountains of Arcadia in May.
A road through Arcadia in May.

Happy August! I hope your summer's been going well! Just a quick note to let you know that there's a new photo gallery up, and it features one of my ancestral homelands - the beautiful region of Arcadia

And as a little bonus, there's a short video, too!

Nestled in the mountains of the Peloponnesos, Arcadia still has a wild and ancient feel, despite being home to some wonderful stone hill towns like Dimitsana, Stemnitsa and more, as well as the smaller villages that dot the hills. Blue-green rivers rush through valleys crowded with greens of every shade, and flocks of sheep and goats routinely interrupt your passage through the mountain roads.  The photos, as always, were taken by me or my husband, Barry Sweet.  Enjoy this little virtual vacation to the ancient land of Pan!



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