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10 Gifts for the Greek Geek

I love nerds and geeks. There, I said it, and I make no apologies. Give me a smartypants who can discuss multiple subjects deeply and effortlessly and I will be so smitten that I forget to eat. 

Maybe you know someone like this? Do you dread trying to buy them a Christmas present because the thought of figuring out what they'd like makes you want to elbow the Grinch right out of his cave and curl up there until Spring?

There's a new article up, "10 Gifts for the Greek Geek", that may help you Save Christmas! Yes! Be the hero or heroine of your own private Christmas movie, minus all the annoying Peloton commercials! (Oooh...topical!)

Head on over and check out this (hopefully) helpful list. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I'm currently not an Amazon (or any other) affiliate. All the links are purely for information (and love!), and not for profit.

Happy Browsing!



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