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The Medieval Greek Town of Monemvasia (and some news!)

Picture a small Rock of Gibraltar, but in Greece.

Imagine a soaring cliff with one flattish section at it's foot, on which is built a medieval stone town, surrounded by a high stone wall with only one entrance.

A narrow causeway attaches it to the mainland, and around all other sides - the sparkling blue Aegean.

You're starting to get a picture of what the striking rock of Monemvasia looks like. But that meager description doesn't begin to do it justice.

This 1500-year-old fortified town is an absolute must-visit if you're on the eastern Peloponnese, even if it's just a day trip from somewhere else. (Of course, staying on this magical rock is even better, if you can.) The soft pink stone and curved roof tiles, the narrow, twisty alleys, and the sea views make it a photographer's paradise.

The centuries of occupation by the Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans make it a treasure for history buffs.

And the fetching little shops and restaurants-with-a-view make it a great travel destination.

To call it romantic is a gross understatement. I can't recall how many wedding photographers I saw trying to capture the happy couple against a dazzling backdrop of the rock, or in front of the complexion-flattering peachy-pink stone of an old building, or with a drone overhead, recording a scenic aerial view.

It is one of a handful of places I've traveled to where you can almost point your camera anywhere and get a good shot.

Tiny domed churches? Sprays of colorful bougainvillea? The beautiful decay of centuries-old buildings? Arches upon arches? Monemvasia has all of it, and more.

Take a look at our new Monemvasia article and gallery here!

* * * *

And hey, if you like this sort of thing, GUESS WHAT? I'll be back in Greece next week for more! Aww yea-ah!

New destinations and new inspiration for future articles and galleries! I won't give it all away, but let's just say this trip will be more island-hoppy than the last. You folks like a good Greek island, right? Or several? Of course you do.

You may be thinking, "But Barb, you were just in Greece last fall!"

(This is the part where I stare at you blankly. Because...your point is..?)

Greece is my happiest of Happy Places. Given that the last three years of my life (even pre-covid) were a ten-megaton sh*t show, getting there as often as I can swing it is something I'm filing under "therapy".

Also filing under "research for this website".

Also filing under "one of the few things keeping me from being a completely feral housebound goblin, hissing at the sunlight".

I'm sure many of you get me on this.

I'll be posting on Instagram and the TGL Facebook group, so follow or join if you haven't already! More live photos, more coffee views (and cocktail views!), and maybe a surprise or two.

And hey, if you're already on our Instagram or Facebook group, please let people know about them! Share articles, invite friends to the group, and so on. I appreciate those of you who have been awesome enough to do that already! Mmmmm-WAH!




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