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November Round-Up; Lots of Screen Time and Even More Pasta

Xαίρετε! Thanks for stopping by! This has been a fairly busy month around here, what with starting my tardy foray into the worlds of Facebook and YouTube. Have you checked out the sites yet? Seeing as I have a cringe-worthy combined 27 views on YouTube as of this writing, I'm guessing probably not. How am I supposed to make my stunning ascent to the highest reaches of global media domination on those kinds of numbers, people? Help a sister out, here! 

So as some of you who know me in the Real World can attest, I have avoided Facebook with an almost fundamentalist zeal for years now. Why? Everyone's doing it, right?

Mostly because I've always been a pretty private person. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I don't have an especially burning desire to meet up with people from my past. I figure if they're not still in my life, there's probably a reason. 

Also I'm more than a little suspicious of how Facebook knows so much about you from the get-go. I don't even have my real name on there, and within a few minutes of signing up, THEY HAD SUGGESTED SOMEONE AS A POSSIBLE FRIEND WHO WAS MY BOSS TWO BOSSES AGO

What. The. Hell?

I didn't list where I've worked. I didn't search for this person. How did they know we had a connection? What dark Zuckerbergian magic is employed to find this stuff out? Demons, I'm guessing. Nosy, tech-savvy, Cheetos-eating demons in sloppy tee shirts with too much time on their hands. 

Also there are lots of Mean People out there, and I can't deal.

But I will make a little confession to you guys, because we're buds and I can trust you. 

I'm...kind of liking it

I KNOW! Don't judge me. I like finding these fun new groups. I like seeing the little bell icon with a new number on it, notifying me of some new post or video, like this fantastic one. (I love this kid on a level I can't express. Watch it right to the end, when his awesome dad/uncle/whoever joins him for the big finish.)

And gods help me, I like friend requests. 


So ok - what have we been up to here this past month? Check the list and see if you've missed anything...

  • November was Pastapalooza month, where we talked about easy pasta recipes and Emotional Support Cheeses, and it started with hearty Bean and Broccoli pasta

  • There's a new photo gallery of one of my favorite places in Greece, Nafplio.

  • A recipe for bold and delicious Anchovy Pasta.

  • A Greek twist on Pasta Primavera

  • And new up today it's Pasta Souvlaki Style! The classic taste of chicken souvlaki, but with the addition of everyone's favorite comfort food, pasta! 

It's been a carb-heavy month, but hopefully you've found a new dish or two that you'd like to try!  To my American readers - Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy that bird and what I hope will be plenty of lovely time with family and friends, and even more lovely time recovering on the couch with your feet up. Next week we're kicking into the holiday spirit in a big way! You won't want to miss it!



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