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The Greekish Life - now on Facebook and YouTube!

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Art by me.

So I've been hearing about this "Facebook" thing all the kids are talking about. (Narrator: Kids have not been talking about Facebook for several years now.) 

In the hopes of kick-starting my world-dominating multi-media empire, I decided it was time to carpe all the diems and joined up this week. 

Not as myself, mind you - only sort of myself. I'm on there as "Barbara Greekish", which I acknowledge is goofy, but they wouldn't let me put "Barbara at The Greekish Life" as a name, and that's how I prefer to be known in the wilds of the interwebs. My nom de blog, if you will. 

So why did it take me this long to get involved in something everyone's grandmother and pet gerbil have already been in on for ages now? Well, before this project, I wasn't sure what the point was for me. 

Re-connect with people from past jobs? Meh. 

College? Pass. 

High school? Hard pass. 

I figured I already wasted way too much time on the internet, and this would just be another time-suck that would compete for brain cells with Pinterest and dangerously adorable videos of unlikely animal friends.

(Cute dog! Cute deer! Playing together! I'M DYING!)

But after having a quite a few people find TGL as a result of some nice folks pointing them in my direction from Facebook, I thought it was worth giving a try. 

There's a public group, so please head on over if you're so inclined! There are only a few articles up now, but I'm hoping it will begin building a community and starting some discussions. 

(Thanks to my sister for helping me figure out how to make it all work and dealing with my less-than-zen self during the process. You rock, koukla!)

So please finally welcome me to 2012 by checking it out, and if you like our little Greek corner of the blogosphere, maybe make with the Follows and the Likes and the Shares and the whatnot?

Also, there I've started a channel on YouTube - also brand spankin' new. Awww yeah. It will be a place for the videos that are now accompanying a couple of the photo galleries, plus other stuff down the road, maybe. 

See? I wasn't kidding about the global media empire thingie. 

Pastapalooza continues apace - this week it's a lovely Pasta Primavera recipe. Loaded with delicious veggies and really easy, this is one to try for sure. 

'Til next time,



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