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January Was Delicious!

Hello there! Χαιρετίσματα!

Remember when I said I wasn't going to do any New Years resolutions? I meant it. I am useless at them. 


Since I am home now and between jobs, it seemed incredibly hard - even for me - to make excuses not to exercise. I can't use the excuse that I can't do it because I need to hurry off to work, or that I've just finished a grueling day in the office and can't face the exhausting change of footwear and such. 

Generally I'm pretty sedentary. I've had primarily desk jobs, and I HATE to sweat. 

Also I seem to hurt myself whenever I get too gung-ho about fitness. It's like the Universe LIKES me plump and pain-free! 

When I'm out with more athletic people I have to wangle ways to keep from overexerting myself. 

"Climb all the way up that hill? Eh, I'm kind of over nice views."

"Way over there?" *twitch* "I can't looks exactly like where the Greys abducted me."

And then I have to fake a convincing flashback, and who needs that?

But I'm giving working out another go because a) I'm eternally hopeful and kind of stupid this way and b) I have a trip to Greece coming up and it would be nice to feel a bit tighter and stronger and not want to put my vacation pictures onto the grill, douse them in lighter fluid and set them on fire. 

I make no promises, but I'm going to try to keep at it for now, at least until I inevitably injure myself or I actually do get abducted by aliens. 

Which is about as likely as me sticking with this program for more than three months. 

So here's the January post round-up, in case you missed anything. The articles skewed heavily toward our Mediterranean Diet theme, not surprisingly, but we also had a new quiz. 

  • Mediterranean Diet Shopping list - a way to get started with healthy, plant-based eating

  • A delicious, comforting recipe for Greek Chicken and Orzo

  • Lathera, or vegetables cooked in olive oil, are a great vegan or vegetarian option for either meals or side dishes

  • A fun little quiz "How Greek Are You?". It's just for laughs and, if you grew up Greek it should bring back some memories! Give it a try!

  • Our latest recipe for Mediterranean Diet month - Mediterranean Power Bowls. Not traditionally Greek in form, but loaded with Greek flavors.

If you try any of the recipes, let me know! 

As ever, keep sharing posts of Facebook and letting your friends know about The Greekish Life!


'Til next time,



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