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A Supernatural New Series Just in Time for Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Did you you know that "fun-sized" candy has virtually no caloric content? (This statement has not be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and may or may not be 100% nonsense.)

If you're one of our awesome subscribers (and if you are, thank you!), you'll know I've alluded in my emails to a new series of articles percolating behind the scenes. The wait it over!

Welcome to Get to Know a God/dess! This will be an ongoing series on Greek mythology, with a focus on the rich and deep pantheon of deities, from the twelve Olympians to some of the less well-known divine and semi-divine characters. 

Today we start with someone reeeeally appropriate for the Halloween season. 

Get to Know a God/dess will be a semi-regular feature in the Culture section, so whether you're a fan of Greek mythology, are refreshing your memory from when you read it in high school, or you're not that well-versed in it and want a quick and painless introduction (or reintroduction), keep an eye out for new posts!

So dig into that trick-or-treat candy, throw on some Daemonia Nymphe and enjoy the new article

Happy Halloween! 

'Til next time, 



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