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We Now Rejoin Our Regularly Scheduled Sh*tshow Already in Progress

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So here we are, Day 1,865 of quarantine. Not really, but it feels like it. My freezer, fridge and pantry are well-stocked from my last (and likely final for a while) grocery delivery, but a mild, nagging sense of anxiety persists. 

Will I run out of dish washing liquid? Can I use body wash in a pinch? If I use my Beekman 1802 organic goat milk stuff, that's, like, three bucks per dish. Ow. 

Maybe I'll just start eating off of paper towels? 

I guess I'll find out at some point.

And as for keeping "busy" during my #stayhome days? Unseemly amounts of time on Facebook, which, if you recall, I had avoided quite religiously for years and years. 

Also lots of sitting on my couch, eating snack foods, and watching QVC. You know. SAVING THE WORLD, pretty much.

I have made some good health choices during all this. Aside from frequently washing my hands and spritzing doorknobs and remotes, etc., with anti-bacterial spray, the good news is I've been drinking less wine. 

The bad news is I've been drinking more bourbon. (It's like Purell - for your insides!*)

Look, I don't mean to make light of the pandemic and how serious it is for people. I get it, of course.  I'm worried, too. 

But I also think that keeping your head above water any way you can is a good mental health strategy. For me, that's humor. Your mileage may vary. 

coronavirus song parody is going to put me in a better mental space than hours in front of the TV watching serious people with furrowed brows. I do that, too, of course, but in small doses. I don't need to get caught up in a panic spiral. My world has already been a nearly relentless crap storm since about September of last year, so I need to handle things in a way that keeps me on the most even keel. 

What are you doing to get through all this? How are you managing?

I know folks who are organizing their attics, doing Zoom get-togethers via computer with friends, and making cloth face masks for the local animal hospital so that the vets can donate their medical-grade masks to hospitals dealing with Covid-19. 

It's hard to want to help while staying indoors, unless you're crafty like that. I've made a couple of charitable donations. If you have any interest and a few dollars to spare, you can check out Charity Navigator's page on legitimate agencies that are helping with the Covid-19 response. 

So in light of all this grim news, I felt like we needed something bright and happy and not virus-related for a new article. We can't travel to Greece (or, you know, anywhere) right now, so let's go virtually!

Here is a beautiful new Naxos gallery and video for your viewing pleasure! I'd been meaning to put together a Naxos video, and now I had the time. Please go check it out!

Take good care of yourselves. Stay safe; stay healthy. You got this.

'Til next time,


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Centers for Disease Control or any other sensible medical source. 


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