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The 2020 Year-End Review!

On second thought, you know what? Nope. Let's not.

We all know what we've been through. There is literally zero reason to rehash what this twenty-megaton sh*t show of a year has been like.

Retail therapy has been big for me this year. It's been an ongoing game I call "Ordering From Amazon Late At Night After I've Had Wine". What will I buy? Will I even need it? WHO KNOWS? It's anyone's guess! If UPS showed up tomorrow with a litter of wolf cubs, I'd be like, "Fine. I'll make room."

One positive about the year? Lots of home cooking. The downside? Lots of eating that home cooking. Meal planning is not a thing in my house anymore, and my average day looks like this:

1. Brunchfast

2. More Coffee

3. A Tiny Something to Have with the Coffee

4. Lunch

5. Late Lunch (optional)

6. Snack #1: Is This Cheese Still Good?

7. Dinner-ish

8. Snack #2: Salty/Crunchy

9. Snack #3: Well, Shoot - Now I Need Something Sweet

10. The Popcorn Course

11. Midnight Jellybeans

Those of you who have maintained your weight during quarantine, explain yourselves.

I, on the other hand, have been enjoying forays into the exciting world of elastic waistbands and may never go back. So that's been nice for me.

(Also, why do they call those comfy pants "joggers"? "Jogging" is the absolute last thing I will be doing in them, after "hiking", "cycling" and other uncomfortable pursuits that some people apparently do voluntarily.)

And now we're into the Christmas season, with melomakarona (or as we called them in our house, finikia) and all the various Yuletide treats. There is no winning.

In case you missed them, or are interested in taking a closer look, here are a couple of food-related articles from last December that you might enjoy:

And here is a brand new recipe!

Not necessarily Christmas-related, but a delicious and authentic dish for year-round - Yaprakia/Dolmades, or stuffed grape leaves. It's a bit more involved than the usual quick and easy recipes we have around here, but hey - most of us have time to make this sort of thing these days.

Thanks and welcome to our new subscribers! Glad to have you here!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Let's hope 2021 is kinder.

2020 is nearly over. Hang in there.



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