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Some Favorite Things

What a week.

My Real Job®, while great, has been a bit of a bear this week, to the point where I briefly considered faking my own death and quietly leaving town. 

(Kidding! Please don't fire me, Folks I Work For!)

BUT! It's now a three-day weekend and I have TWO new posts out for you! As the kids say, W00T!

There's finally something else in the Musings category, in case you have had enough of looking at my sad teenaged self with an only slightly sadder donkey. 

There's an article sharing some of my favorite Greek beauty products with you! I have always loved cosmetics and skin care, and travelling to Greece opened a new door into the world of Greek products, many of which have become staples in my house. They're luscious and more importantly, effective. Please go check them out

We also have a new recipe - a quick and delicious mash-up of two of my favorite Greek dishes; shrimp saganaki and Cretan dakos. I'm calling it Shrimp Dakos, because apparently I am not very creative. Heh.

Enjoy the last official weekend of the summer, and thanks for stopping by!





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