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How To Make Your Own Genealogy Book (Without Crying and Screaming Like a Five-Year-Old)

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I made my first genealogy book in 2015, and another one a year later. The whole purpose was to collate all the documents, photos and stories in one place, and to see if I could make it aesthetically pleasing while I was at it. (That art degree had to be good for something...)

So off I went to the site where I'd easily made travel books and some "this year with my family" albums, and the results pleased me beyond words.

I've read a lot on social media from people who are stuck in their genealogy research, not due to a brick wall or any of the usual obstacles, but rather, what to DO with it all now that they have it. Like, "Hi, 12 Years Of Research On Assorted Platforms And In Multiple Locations...what am I supposed to do with you now?".

This is where making your own genealogy book comes in.

Don't be intimidated by the idea. While it'll certainly take up some of your time, if you're a genealogy geek, this will be nothing new to you. Once you have a plan and get in the groove, the book nearly makes itself.


Unless you're a little obsessive about these things, like I am, in which case your mood while making one goes from optimistic and confident to ugly-crying in a fetal position.

But that's just me! Don't let that deter you! I get a little...overzealous and over involved. But you needn't be!

Are you ready to take the next step in your genealogy journey and make something that's heirloom-quality for future generations? Take a look at our first DIY article - Make Your Own Genealogy Book.

If you're new here and still need to do some research before getting to the point where you can make a book, take a look at our Genealogy page for all sorts of articles that might help get you there!

In the meantime, gather your research, fire up your laptop, maybe put on your favorite old-timey Greek music for inspiration, and get started making your beautiful book!

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