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Deeply Nostalgic

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

If you're new to the world of Deep Nostalgia™ by MyHeritage, get ready to have your mind blown.

I recently found out about this service on Facebook, when some FB friends were animating photos of themselves as children and so on. I was intrigued, and since I already had a free account on MyHeritage (though I haven't put my family tree up there yet as of this writing), I decided to check it out.


While it's not perfect, it is kind of astounding. What fell sorcery is this? I love it and must do more immediately!

I did a handful of photos before they cut me off. They do tease you with some freebies to get you to sign up for their $$$ service, a ploy which - after a couple of days of hemming and hawing - eventually worked on me. Well played, MyHeritage!

Take a look at the new article, Bringing Your Ancestors To Life, to learn more about it, as well as some tips for getting started and getting your most life-like animation.

A heads-up; if you decide to sign up (or already are) you will find an hour or more has gone by feeding new images into the service. You will want to animate EVERY PHOTO you have. Consider this fair warning. Get comfortable and bring snacks.

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