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Who Needs Sugar Plums?

Ah, Christmas! Everyone's favorite excuse to graze, quaff and snarf on stuff you normally try to be moderate about. 

Look, you feel me, right? There are delicious things available now that only really come out at Christmastime. How am I not going to have those peppermint bark Oreos, for heaven's sake? They say "Limited Edition" right on the package! Carpe snackem! Miss 'em and they're gone, baby. Better luck next year!

Nope. My gustatory FOMO is too overwhelming.

Or eggnog? C'mon. I'm not Wonder Woman. I have needs, and those needs require sugar. And bourbon. 

(Or rum. I'm cheerfully agnostic on the whole "which booze should you put in eggnog" debate.)

So in honor of this Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I have hoisted myself off the couch and out from under my warm and cuddly sherpa blanket, where I watch my favorite thing on tv these days - the Yule Log Channel* - to put together a nice little dessert board for you. 

It includes traditional Greek pastries and treats, as well as a few non-Greek (but still festive!) goodies, and you can, of course, modify it to your heart's content. Who needs sugar plums when you've got kourabiedes and ouzo candy?

Confession - I didn't make any of these things myself. I purchased all the Greek treats either online or at a wonderful local Greek store

I am not a baker. We've already been over how I really only make things that don't take long to prepare, and virtually any Greek dessert you can think of requires more time and effort than I am willing to put in at this juncture. It really cuts into my eggnog and Yule Log time.

So enjoy the new article - a Greekish Christmas Dessert Board

Oh hey now...are those the broken pieces of melomakarones and halva that weren't photogenic enough to be in the shots? Better clean those up...


'Til next time,


* Don't laugh. You know as well as I do that those wooden logs are smarter and more entertaining than half the vapid screech goblins on tv, anyway. 


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