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Symi Island Gallery (and Some Breaking News!)

What do sponges, a saint wailing on a demon with a claw hammer, and the second-hottest guy in the Trojan War have in common?

They're all from the tiny island of Symi!

The island is part of the Dodecanese group (you can read what that means in the article, as well as see more on the Hammering Saint and Mr. Silver-Medalist-War-Cutie) and was a really lovely day sail during on my stay on Rhodes. Impossibly scenic and wildly photogenic, Symi is worth more time than the one day I was able to give it, but since that's all I had, I made the most of it.

Please enjoy the latest gallery - Symi!

And hey, by the way - guess who just booked her trip to Greece for this year?

*Greek happy dance*

Awwww yeah! I'll be heading over in May and staying...well, longer than I have in previous trips. I'm booked for a couple of new islands, and have a road trip planned to the northern prefectures - none of which I've been to before! Look for details on The Greekish Life's Facebook page soon.

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Thanks for reading!



This was a photo taken at Delphi and run through an app so I end up looking like an illustration.

Oh, technology - do you never run out of ways to make us waste time on you?



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