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Summer Songs and a Long-Overdue Round-Up

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Koukounaries Beach - Skiathos, Sporades Islands


Well hello, you!

I hope your summer is going well. It's the first "real" summer since COVID, for most of us, and I hope you've been enjoying it to the fullest. Sun! Sea! Snacks...? Er. Sssssouvlaki? I don't know. All the good 'S' things, hopefully.

I've been trying really hard to get more content up lately. (I hope you noticed.). After a couple of years of slim pickings due to personal stuff, I'm hoping to ramp up a bit more now. We'll see how that goes.

It also occurred to me that we haven't done a Round-Up post in a very long time, due to said slim pickings. Since you may have missed some of the recent articles, here you go...

and the most recent article..

It's been forever since we've done Song Crushes, because of annoying new developments online that make it more challenging (you can read what those are in the article). But music is still my drug of choice, and it's nice to be able to cobble together some of my old and newer favorite Greek summer songs.

What other news? I went to Greece in April/May, so that was great.

I've lost about 20 pounds/9 kilos in the past three months or so (and still losing), so that is also great. Considering I have a sluggish thyroid and my metabolism has long since skipped town on the back of a Harley with a dude named Spider, this fact hovers close to "Jesus on a piece of toast" levels of wonder.

Of course, I just discovered a place online that sells blocks of seasoned, grill-able cheese, so we'll see how long that lasts. (Pizza! Roasted Garlic! Jalapeño! I'm doomed.)

And another bit of news - The Greekish Life turned 3 years old on July 1st! I really didn't think this little experiment would go this long, but thanks to all of you, we're still here! Happy Birthday to us!

Thanks for hanging in there with us! You are the lemon juice on my kalamari, and I appreciate you!



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