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Rhodes Gallery

Because we all need more Greek travel photography.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a Greek island with as much varied history and historical significance as Rhodes. And if you're about to click out because history really isn't your thing - just hold up a sec, there, φίλε*.

There are gorgeous beaches and lively nightlife and sunshine almost every day, and pretty much everything a tourist could want.

But also history.

COOL history. Like...knights and crenellated palaces and Anthony Quinn. (Well, he has a beach named after him, anyway.)

I was fortunate enough to go last autumn, and while it was still swarming with tourists in September, it didn't ruin the absolutely magical experience. Rhodes is actually one place I would put on repeat, which is unusual for me. If I don't have family at a location, I tend to visit it once and move on, because there's SO much else to see.

But Rhodes? Might have to go back someday.

Get an idea why with our latest photo gallery - Rhodes. Enjoy!

In other news, we had our 3rd Annual Recipe Contest!

And no one entered.

Part of it might be ascribed to Facebook's algorithm - a few members of The Greekish Life FB group said they never even saw any of my 8 or so posts about it, which is a drag. We got Zucked, my friends.

As for whether I'll bother with a contest next year or not, we'll see. It seems unlikely, since even previous years' pickings were very slim. Engagement continues to be a challenge. Don't wanna whine, but the struggle is real.

Wishing you a very pleasant last few weeks of Summer!

Talk soon,


*φίλε - friend, buddy


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