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Meet Genealogist Gregory Kontos of Greek Ancestry!

So it turns out I really like this interviewing thing...

Who would have guessed I'd have ever gotten my introverted self out from behind the camera to sit with someone from across the internet and have a conversation? But it's so much fun! So I did it again.

Meet Gregory Kontos of GreekAncestry, one of the premier - if not THE premier - Greek genealogy sites in the world, which he founded. Greg and I met via email several years ago, when he was still essentially freelancing, and I asked him about doing some genealogy research for me. He did a great job and found some amazing information. Eventually our emails became more chatty and we've ended up meeting every time I'm in Greece.

Over the few years he has been running Greek Ancestry, he's put together a small team and together they've done almost miraculous work, saving precious documents from mildewy church basements and digitizing hundreds of thousands of them to preserve for the future. And lest you're not interested because you think genealogy is a dusty old-person hobby, a) Greg hasn't hit 28 yet and b) it almost always involves DRAMA. How could it not when you're talking about families? Especially Greek families? Secrets! Fleeing from authorities! Illicit love! All the things! Read the article here! This will be my last bit of content on the site for a while, because I'm going to Greece in a couple of weeks. Woo! I'm beyond excited! This trip will feature new destinations for me - Kefalonia, Crete, Epirus, a bit of Macedonia... So many new places to explore and photograph, and new experiences to have (and write about down the road). I'll also be in Athens, of course, because how could I not? (I will also get to meet Gregory again and visit Greek Ancestry's new office in the city!) While I may not be adding to the website for a few weeks, I'm certainly not going dark. I absolutely WILL be all over Facebook and Instagram with my usual quick dispatches and photos. Please make sure to join our Facebook group if you haven't already, and follow me on Instagram if you don't yet. I promise there will be A LOT to see. Thanks for reading. You are the tzatziki on my French fries*, and I appreciate you. Filakia, Barbara *What, you haven't tried this? SO much better than ketchup! 😊

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