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Greek Mythology Quiz!

Pop-quiz, hot shot! How well do you know your Greek gods and goddesses? 

If you're more of a  "Well let me tell you why I prefer Edith Hamilton to Bullfinch..." kind of person - congratulations! You are my kinda nerd!

Also, you will crush this quiz like a rhino on a grape. 

If you're more the "I think the guy with the wingy-feet was cool and have seen a Percy Jackson movie", well...we can work with you. 

And we WILL be...starting soon! (That's foreshadowing, people! Watch this space!)

If you're of Greek descent, your childhood books probably included at least one book on Greek mythology. You probably covered some stuff in Greek school, too. 

I know we covered the Labors of Herakles (Hercules for the non-Greeks), among other things, in our third grade Greek school class. Our adorable teacher, Kyria M, took a pair of dainty sewing scissors to each workbook before handing them out to the class. There was a line drawing of a statue of Herakles in all, and Kyria M. was carefully snipping out the naughty bits lest our innocent eyeballs see more than they should. 

Greek hero or not, this was a church (basement)! Propriety would prevail. 

Poor Kyria M. It must have been quite a feat to fastidiously censor a whole curriculum whose entire cast of characters were jay-bird-naked virtually all the time. (Link goes to a Google image search for "ancient Greek statues". There is artistic nudity, so be aware if your workplace takes a dim view of that sort of thing.)

Head on over to the quiz and test your knowledge! 

'Til next time,



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