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For Your Quarantainment...

I don't know about you, but I really wish we could just unplug 2020 and plug it back in again and see if it works any better.

Because seriously? These first three months have been the longest decade of my life. And we have quite a ways yet before December 31st, when we can toss this god-forsaken year into the trash can with all the crumpled face masks and empty bottles of hand sanitizer where it belongs. Because holy cuss words, Batman - I am DONE.

How are you doing? I hope you and your family are healthy and safe, and riding out these crazy times with humor and fortitude.

I'm managing okay. I've been pretty good about staying home.


Day 1 of Self-Quarantine - Get groceries through Peapod delivery. Pleased to note that the delivery guy is wearing gloves and doesn't touch any door knobs or handrails. I maintain a few feet of space between us. I disinfect everything after he leaves anyway. I wash my hands for the recommended 20 seconds for the sixth time today.

Day 2 of Self-Quarantine - I am in the local Greek market because if I'm gonna be stuck inside, I need the good yogurt.

(Don't worry - hand sanitizer was heavily involved. And yes, I'm indoors for the foreseeable future now.)

As I'm something of an introvert already, the social distancing thing is actually kind of fine for me. I love to see my friends, and I love to make plans when I swing briefly and ill-advisedly into extrovert-mode, but I also love to not do those things, too, sometimes. Not because I don't love my people, but...*introvert*. That's just how it is.

(Confession - if I had a nickel for every cancelled plan that actually left me a little relieved, I'd have my own private island by now.)


I don't. I'm here, as are all of you, and we need to deal as best we can. So on that note, I've put together some ideas that might be fun while we need to stay inside.

A "quarantinerary", if you will...

Binge This - "My Greek Odyssey" I am obsessed with this show. The host's mission is to set foot on each of Greece's 217 inhabited islands. #travelgoals #whyisntthismylife

I tore through the first two seasons and am eagerly awaiting the third, which is apparently in the works.

Look, you can't travel to Greece right now anyway, so you may as well do it vicariously with this jovial Greek-Australian and his big bitchin' yacht.

Read This - "Circe" by Madeline Miller. This is a review from early on, but for the new folks here, or folks who haven't read this terrific book yet, it's a great bit of escapism for cozy afternoons curled up on the couch.

Learn This - Learn Greek (or polish up what you already know) with Greek Pod 101 or Duolingo. Why not? It's not like you don't have the time.

Make This - Pasta Souvlaki-Style  Easy and delicious comfort food! Drink This - My sour cherry-based "Menoume Spiti" cocktail.  You can't go to a bar or restaurant, so here's a nice little something you can make at home.

Do This - Organize those travel photos you never got around to, learn all the lyrics to a Greek song you like, or use temporary (or permanent!) hair color to turn your hair some wild and wonderful color you never normally would. Hey, you're going to be home for a while. You may not get a chance like this again. Knock yourself out.

Listen to This - "Songs of Naxos" by Vangelis Konitopoulos  Bored? Anxious? Tired of hearing all the bad news on TV? Listen to this album of upbeat and delightful nisiotika instrumentals and you won't stay that way for long. Pure auditory medicine! Pour some in your ear-holes and call me in the morning!

Look, things are just weird right now. We have to take this virus seriously while still keeping things in perspective, keeping our sense of humor and making the best of it all.

PLEASE follow the guidelines of reputable health sources like the CDC and the WHOFacebook is good for checking in with friends, Greek memes and cute dog videos. It is not a reliable source of health information.

PLEASE do the hand-washing and the social distancing and all the proper things that will keep your sweet selves healthy and happy.

This will eventually all go away, and things will be normal - whatever that's going to look like - again. Let's do whatever we can to help our vulnerable neighbors while keeping ourselves and our families safe. I'd love to inspire you by saying something Churchillian or Rooseveltian about conquering our fears and the triumph of the human spirit and all that.

I'm just going to say have a drink and try not to murder your family while you're cooped up with them.

Thanks for reading, sharing and coming back for more here at The Greekish Life. You are the the lemon in my avgolemono, and I appreciate you so much.

Warmly (but from a safe six feet away),



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