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Be Brilliant at Both

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Both what? Well, this week we're going to dive into two articles to help you become both a packing ninja and a genealogy mastermind. Let the smartness commence!

There are two articles that will help you become legendary travelers and genealogy researchers! You will become a star in the firmament of both disciplines, and people will strum guitars and write folks songs about you! Okay, no one's actually gonna do that. But you can up your packing and research game by checking these out. 

First up is "10 Things You Should be Packing for Greece (but probably aren't)". These are ten amazing items that I've found to be - not just helpful - but essential. The post is written with an eye towards Greek travel, but naturally you can use them any time you get on a plane. 

Some items you may know and use already, and some you may not know about. But that's why I'm here! To drop the info bombs on ya!

The next is for my fellow genealogy geeks - "DNA Cousins - Your Genealogy Secret Weapon". If you've been reading the articles in the Genealogy tab in order, you know last time we talked about getting your DNA tested for ancestry purposes. 

So what happens now? You have your new DNA results, and suddenly all these people start popping up as distant (or not so distant) relatives on your DNA Matches page of whatever testing service you used. 

What's up with that?

Hey, I'd love to hear your thoughts on both articles! Please consider leaving feedback on any of the pages with Comments, or emailing us at!




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