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Aloha, Patrioti

What do a pineapple mogul, an overthrown queen, and a group of righteous Greek rabble-rousers have in common? The mostly-forgotten story of Greeks in Hawai'i, is what. Did you even know there was a connection? Don't feel badly if you didn't - most people don't.

But now you will know! Aren't you glad you stopped by?

If you know me in the Real World, you know that I'm a big fan of all things Hawai'i. After Greece, it is my next-favorite Happy Place. I have been fortunate enough to visit five of the six islands tourists can go to, and am hard-pressed to ever choose where I'd like to revisit, because they're all so great in their own way.

But this isn't a blog about Hawai'i, it's a blog about Greece and Greek stuff. Λοιπον.* Please take a look at this latest article about the Greeks of Hawai'i and how they played a role in a tumultuous time in the islands' history.

(If you're wondering why I'm spelling it "Hawai'i" and not "Hawaii", it's not because I'm trying to be insufferably fancy. That thing that looks like an apostrophe is called an okina, a kind of glottal stop. It's part of the Hawaiian alphabet, and as such is used in the local spelling of Hawai'i. Both spellings are considered correct. Just trying to be more accurate.)

Thanks again for your patience while I slowly ramp back up to producing content. I won't be putting up stuff weekly again for a while, but hopefully you'll be seeing a bit more from me than you have been.

In the meantime, there's always The Greekish Life Facebook group. Check in now and then, and join the group if you haven't already! I'd love to see you there!

Hey, take care of yourselves and wash your hands a lot!

A warm, safe elbow-bump to all of you,


Λοιπον = So, then.



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