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A New Photo Gallery - Doors and Windows of Greece!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Door knocker, Naxos

I hope you're in the mood for something pretty. The past couple of weeks, just for fun, I've been putting up random photos of windows and doors from previous trips to Greece on my Facebook page. Looking them over, I realized that between my husband's and mine, there were tons of them. And so, a new gallery was born, right here.

There is always something a bit mysterious and intriguing about doors and windows. What's beyond them? Who looks out of them? What lives are lived behind them? 

As you may remember from my Nafplio gallery, I am smitten by a certain type of beautiful decay; the photogenic peeling and crumbling has always had a certain appeal for me. This collection brings together some of the gorgeous deterioration of old town Nafplio and Arcadia with the tidy and pristine doors of Athens and Santorini. 

And it doesn't hurt that so many of them are splashed with lavish sprays of bougainvillea or even lemon trees. 

Enjoy this virtual visit to Greece, since it's the only way most of us can go right now. 

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