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  • Barbara

8 Great Greek Websites You Need to Start Following

I hope you have some free time on your calendar, because you're going to want to check out these eight amazing Greek websites and blogs. Prepare to be educated, entertained and generally made even more fascinating than you already are! 

(They're all in (mostly!) English, so no need to panic if you don't read Greek.)

Are you interested in news through a Greek lens? What about wonderful Greek recipes? I know some of you are all-in with Greek genealogy. And of course, everyone loves to daydream about Greek travel! This list has something for everyone, whether you want to go deep or skim the surface of a topic - whether you want to learn the Greek language, plan a vacation in Greece or just get a chuckle. 

I personally think these are some of the best Greek sites out there.  

There is also a new post up in the Culture section. Do you know the meaning of "ataraxia"? There's a pretty new graphic up, with a photo taken at the magic hour in the town of Kokkari, Samos. *sigh*


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