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  • Barbara

2021, You Had ONE Job

Image by pxhere

Was it really too much to ask, 2021? That you just be better than 2020? I mean, it was a really low bar. Ground-level low. Nematode belly-level low. It should have been a slam dunk.

You have failed spectacularly so far.

How we anticipated the dropping of the ball in (virtually empty) Times Square! It would herald better times ahead, surely!


But here we are, with mid-January feeling more like December 47th, and the new year still feeling like a family-sized bucket o' crazy.

I can almost hear my grandmother's voice - Υπομονή, κορη μου. Patience, my girl. It is just a couple of weeks in, after all.

Let's hope we're on the upswing.

We have our first recipe of 2021! Your new favorite breakfast is a quick, easy and delicious way to start the day. Try this Breakfast Trachana!

Stay healthy, everyone!

Talk soon,

Barbara * "Lol" in Greek



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