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Greens and Eggs

Χόρτα με αυγά - A Healthy Mediterranean Diet-Based Breakfast

Greens and eggs are a great way to start your day with a healthy, hearty and tasty breakfast. If you're not used to having greens in the morning, please don't run away! They're actually really good, I promise! (And it's a clever way to sneak an extra couple of servings of vegetables into your day.)


This is something I have some variation of this for breakfast probably twice a week. I can't get enough of it. Sometimes it's with whole eggs, as in the recipe here, or sometimes with egg whites. I might add a cut-up turkey sausage link or two to the mix, or some shredded pasturma, lightly cooked so it's crispy like bacon. I almost always use kale as my greens, since it's always on hand and I like the "beefiness" of it. If you're using a delicate green like baby spinach, you'll need a lot more and you'll need to cook it a shorter time, as it will wilt really fast. Just keep an eye on it. 


I've seen a variation of this made like shakshuka, with the eggs nesting in the hollows of the greens instead of in a bed of chopped tomatotes. You can certainly try it that way, if you prefer a more soft-cooked egg.


The dish is very customizable. You can add or subtract as you like. This is the version I usually make. 

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