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It's Been...Quite a Year

Image by Pexels

Sooooo...still social distancing. Hmmmph.

How are you managing with it all?

As an introvert, I was initially not that put off by it. It has now begun to lose it's charm. I'll continue to do it, of course, and I will continue to wear masks in public, because while masks may not be fun, I'm betting ventilators are even less so. 

On the plus side, my wardrobe has been greatly simplified as a result, and consists entirely of specific and carefully-curated categories of lounge wear. I have:

  • "nice" lounge wear

  • "Zoom call with friends" lounge wear

  • "working in the garden" lounge wear, and 

  • "lounging around" lounge wear

It's a big step up from the day pajamas/night pajamas look I was rocking back in those heady early days of March and April, so give a girl some credit.

I was even kind of ok with my car battery dying last week, because it meant another actual human person from AAA had to interact with me in real life.

We were both masked and kept several feet apart, but I couldn't help myself from slamming into happy Golden Retriever-mode. "Thanks for coming out so quickly! Did you have any trouble finding my street? I know they're tearing up the neighborhood to put new pipes in and it's been kind of a mess but you found it and thanks again for coming and ohmygodwillyoupleasebemyfriend???"

I know some of you feel me on this.

Between watching entirely too many paranormal shows on The Travel Channel (How many guys can creep around old buildings in night-vision goggles scaring the crap out of themselves? Lots, it turns out.) and binge-scrolling until 2 a.m., I've managed to put together a long-overdue video companion piece to my Samos gallery.

I officially launched The Greekish Life on July 1st, 2019, so it's our one-year birthday! As with many one-year-olds, people either are charmed by it or grin uncomfortably and don't really know what to make of it. 

There have been several times since TGL started that I thought of it as a one-year experiment; see if it "takes" and continue if it does, or - if it's still struggling for readership - maybe let it go. 

Readership is still very low, and given all the other personal issues in my life the past year, I thought about giving it up. Was anyone really interested in this weird little digital Greek salad? Was it a big waste of my time that could be better spent cleaning out closets and taking up painting again?

After much thought, I've decided to keep going. While I'm currently in a bit of a hiatus due to the Big Stuff that's been going on in my life, I have to say I love doing this. Even if it doesn't get a lot of eyeballs. Even if it's - dare I say - just because it's fun for me.

I hope it's fun for you, too.

So Happy Birthday, The Greekish LifeΧρόνια πολλά! Even if we take it one year at a time!

And a big, big THANK YOU to all of you - especially my subscribers. Thanks for being so patient with the slowed-down drip of content lately - it will get better eventually. 

Thanks also to you folks who share our articles on Facebook and check out the website when you can! I so appreciate you!

And to leave you with a happy thought - 2020 is exactly half over. Woo!




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