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I Want to Hear YOUR Greek Paranormal Experiences

Recently I came across a short story I'd written down about my great-grandmother who claimed to have seen fairies, and it got me thinking.

We know Greece is a magical country, and many people have had unusual experiences there.

There are probably thousands of stories out there of people's otherworldly experiences in Greece that we'd generically bundle under the term "paranormal"; ghost encounters, legends come to life, miraculous events, superstitions, weird happenings in the horio, etc. Your yiayia probably had a few. Maybe you have one of your own.

Maybe you heard a story from someone else that made you roll your eyes because it sounded so implausible and silly. Maybe it happened to you and it was profound. What got me thinking about it is remembering something I'd heard from my grandmother Anna from Samos. She had told me a story (a couple of times, actually) that her mother had seen νεράιδες (fairies) when she was younger. When my great-grandmother Kalliopi was young, she was out in an open field and saw a circle of beautiful girls wearing long white dresses, dancing in a circle. She turned away for a second to call a sibling to come and look, and when she turned back the girls had disappeared. It was an open area, so there would have been no where they could have gone.

My grandmother absolutely believed this to be true.

So that's the sort of thing I'm looking for. Have you or anyone you know seen or experienced anything that might be classified as paranormal in Greece? Strange experiences, UFOs, ghosts? You can believe it or not - I'm not judging either way. I'm just collecting them.

Please include as much detail as possible. Where in Greece was it? What were the circumstances?

If I get enough responses, I'll compile them into an article here on The Greekish Life.

Please email me your story at and put "paranormal Greece" in the subject line. It can be a long, detailed account or just a few lines.

I would like to attribute each story to the submitter with their first name and last initial. If you prefer me to use your full name, or alternately, if you prefer to remain anonymous, just let me know in the email.

There was already a Facebook post about this, so thank you so much to the folks who contributed their stories!

I look forward to reading your experiences!



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